Nutrilon Nutricia Infant Baby Milk Powder Supplier

Infant formula is suitable for consumption toinfants from birth, if breast milk is not available. For child's health it is important to follow the package instructions carefully.

Revision :

  • Oligosaccharides GOS-FOS
  • Long chained polyunsaturated omega-6 (AA) and omega-3 (DHA) fatty acids
  • Nucleotides

Age : 0-6 months old infants when the child is not breastfed

Instructions :

  • Use only flawless packaging
  • Use undiluted
  • Shake the container
  • You can heat the product in a water bath, either in own package or feeding bottle or a feeding bottle in a microwave oven without a pacifier (do not put the container in a microwave oven)
  • Mix well and make sure that the product is in eating temperature
  • Try before each input
  • Do not reheat once product is heated again

Ingredients : Water, milk powder, whey powder, vegetable oil mixture (palm, rapeseed, sunflower, single cell oil), lactose, oligosaccharides, GOS-FOS (0.8 g/100ml), fish oil, vitamins (A, D, C, niacin, E, thiamin, B6 , folic acid, biotin, D), minerals (sodium chloride, zinc sulphate, ferroglukonaatti, kupariglukonaatti, potassium iodide, manganese sulphate, sodium selenite), amino acids (L-histidine, taurine), nucleotides

Storage : Intact packaging remains unopened at room temperature for best before date up. After opening in the refrigerator about 1 hour.